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Color of Pain, 2018

Postal Artistic Books

International Postal Artist Books Project

um evento aapoiado pela IAPMA

CuradoriaÂngela Barbour 

72 Artistas de 36 Paises

Galeria Oswald de Andrade - São Paulo Brasil

Pabellon de las Bellas Artes UCA Buenos Aires Argentina

Q. Galeria - IArtes - USFQ - Quito Ecuador

Basle Paper Mühle- Basel - Switzerland

Ellora Ateliê in Sao Paulo, Brasil, organizes an International Exchange Program for Paper Artists with Artist Books.

The program is integrating the PapelArte/ArtPaper Interchange Art Project and is partially

supported by IAPMA (International Association for Hand Paper Makers and Paper Artists).

During these Pandemic times, where all the world has stopped, and people have had the chance

to think about their lives and the planet, artists have been incredibly involved in their creative processes, searching for answers and finding new solutions to exhibit their artworks.

This project aims to create an opportunity for interested artists to exchange experiences through

Artist Books created by the artist and then exchanged with another to be completed. In this way, distances will be reduced, and their books will travel to where they are not allowed to go just now. It is also a way to get closer to artists that one may not know but who will receive very special material created by the other.

The concept is to exchange Artist Books with an artist from another country and continent.

Each book was made by two artists. And all the received books will participate in the final

exhibition in Brazil and form the International Artist Book Library.

Our intention is to show this collection in other locations in the coming years.


Artists of the Project

At the open Call 72 artists from  36 countries and 5 continents joined the project, and by a Draw we attributed for each one a partner from another countries, always mixing  a non IAPMA member with a member. And then the artists begin a conversation and that exchange project, each one beginning an artist book and sending to the other to finish it and then send to us in Brazil to the exhibition. All this process allowed artists to know new people from a distance place

and share their knowledge

and experiences during

the Pandemic.

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Ângela Barbour


Ângela Barbour . Visual Artist.Curator. IAPMA Exhibition Coordinator. Fabricademy Instructor / CEO Ellora Atelie Fabricademy Node Brasil. Curator PaperArt Interchange Projects. Trabalhando com vários materiais e constantemente inovando, está artista é reconhecida pelo estilo amplo e elaborado. Entre em contato com Ellora Atelie - Fabricademy Node Brazil para saber sobre as peças disponíveis.

Postal Artist Books - Banner


  • Letters Around the World - Postal Artist Books
    12 de jan. 17:30 GMT+1 – 02 de abr. 18:00 GMT+2
    Basel, St. Alban-Tal 37, 4052 Basel, Suíça
    After having been shown in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Quito in Latin -America, the Artist Book Library Collection, will now be shown in Europe. The Postal Artist Books Project, initiated and curated by Angela Barbour, IAPMA Exhibitions Coordinator, with 72 participating artists from 36 countries,
  • Postal Artist Books
    qua., 23 de fev.
    23 de fev. de 2022 10:00 GMT-5 – 17 de mar. de 2022 18:00 GMT-5
    Quito, RHX7+RR3, Quito 170186, Equador
    Exibición de la colleción International Artist Book Library, coletada a partir del intercambio de libros de 72 artistas de 36 paises en el Proyecto Postal Artist Books idealizado por la curadora y artista brasileña Angela Barbour, apoyado por IAPMA.
  • Postal Artist Books _ Travelling Exhbition
    01 de nov. de 2021 11:00 – 11:05
    São Paulo, SP, Brasil
    We have already invitations to present the exhibition in some countries in the sequence: Colombia, Finland, Switzerland, Stonia, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Italy. We will actualize here the traveling details of the project.
  • Postal Artist Books _ Exposición Virtual _ Argentina
    qui., 21 de out.
    21 de out. de 2021 12:01 GMT-3 – 20 de dez. de 2021 16:01 GMT-3
    Presentación de la exposición Virtual, Postal Artist Books, idealizada por la curadora brasileña Angela Barbour, en el Pabellon de las Bellas Artes de la UCA, en Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Live de Apertura Pabellon de Las Bellas Artes UCA
    qui., 21 de out.
    21 de out. de 2021 12:00 – 13:00 GMT-3
    Live de Apertura de la Exposición Virtual Postal Artist Books en el Pabellon de las Bellas Artes UCA, Buenos Aires. Cecilia Cavanagh , Directora del Pabellon de las Bellas Artes habla con Angela Barbour , curadora de la muestra y artistas invitados.
  • Postal Artist Books Project _ Premier Exhibition
    seg., 10 de mai.
    Galeria Oswald de Andrade
    10 de mai. de 2021 11:00 BRT – 15 de jul. de 2021 16:00 BRT
    Galeria Oswald de Andrade, Rua Três Rios, 363 - Bom Retiro, São Paulo - SP, 01123-001, Brasil
    Exhibition of the Artist Books produced during the exchange program between 72 artists from 36 countries in the Gallery of the Oficinas Culturais Oswald de Andrade, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Postal Artist Books Project
    ter., 01 de set.
    Artist Book Exchange Program
    01 de set. de 2020 16:00 BRT – 21 de abr. de 2021 15:57 BRT
    Artist Book Exchange Program
    We launched the project in 2020 September and received 72 submissions from 36 countries, then we made a draw to distribute the pairs of artists , one from each different continent, and put them in contact. Each artist began an artist book and send it to the other to be finished and send to Brazil.
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